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Charlie Changes Into A Chicken ch 5&6

February 26, 2021

1) Take a moment to look through some old photos or videos you might have from special days such as Christmases, birthdays or summer holidays. Choose one that really fires up your memories and chat to someone about what you did, where you were and how it made you feel. It is thought that remembering good experiences as the emotions and felling come back to you and might make you feel more positive, or may inspire you to plan something for the future!

2) Go through one of those cluttered boxes in your house or bedroom that has your bits and pieces in it. You will find somethings that you had forgotten you had and could still come in quite useful. You may also find things that are useful - but not for you. Maybe think about someone who you could give it to in the future. Not only will this clear up the clutter but also give someone you love an unexpected gift at the end of lockdown!

3) Next time you find yourself about to say or write something negative - STOP. Can you think of a different, kinder way of saying what you were about to say? By carefully choosing how we respond to things we can bring ourselves out of a pessimistic train of thought to a more positive one. You can still be down or dislike things that are going on but changing the language and the words can make us less impulsive. Sometimes our gut reaction can be a bit too strong or even wrong. 


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