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January 20, 2021

This book was inspired by Chiara Mezzalama’s childhood experience of her father being appointed Italian ambassador to Tehran in 1980 when Iran was at war with Iraq. It is the story of an unexpected friendship of two children, on either side of war and peace, told through the metaphor of a garden.

Although a spectacular graphic novel, its atmospheric setting makes it perfect for an audio book. Video of the pages can be found here:




Why do you think the introduction is important to read before you get to the story?

How old was the carp?

How does the writer describe the soldiers’ appearance?

Why did the children get a dog?

What did mum scold? What did they do to upset her?

If the characters spoke different languages, how did they know they were friends?

What does ‘breached’ mean?

Did she really become lion taming princess?

Why do you think the boy ‘fled’?

How does the phrase ‘golden prison’ make you feel?

Why do you think Massoud’s gift was so special?

“There are so many walls” What kind of walls do you think the writer means?

Do you think there is a moral or lesson to learn from this story? 


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